High Quality Hosting: GoDaddy

GoDaddy $1 Hosting

GoDaddy has always monopolized the domain name registrations. It helped the company to bag a lion’s share in the hosting industry. Of the top 10 million websites, Godaddy hosts 7.55% of them. Overall, 1 in every 5 websites is hosted by Godaddy.

WordPress is the big daddy of content management systems (CMS). One in four websites is powered by WordPress. On a daily basis, 50,000 blogs are added to this system.

Godaddy and WordPress are the pioneers in their industries, owing to the top notch quality. What if both of these awesomeness come together to create an ultimate solution at low cost?

Indeed it has happened in the form of $1 hosting pack from GoDaddy. Yep! All it costs to host your website on GoDaddy servers is just $1 every month. You also get a free domain from them. This is a WordPress based hosting, offering a cushion of comfort to the webmasters.

You can set up websites within few clicks. The attached YouTube video will demonstrate the entire process in a minute.


So, what are the key features you get with this $1 hosting?

  • 100 GB Disk Space: 100 GB is a lot of space for just $1. You can either host a medium sized website or plenty of blogs. Users are notified when storage hits the 90 GB mark.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth: It’s not the namesake ‘Unlimited Bandwidth’ you come across on internet. As a webmaster, you will never feel limited. Being a large hosting company, GoDaddy delivers on their promise without fail.
  • CPanel access: This CPanel requires very little getting used to. It comes with an extensive list of features. It always feels up to date, regardless of the costs involved. You got 1 click website builders, which makes life easy for webmasters.

Web development made easy…

The $1 WordPress hosting plan makes web development as simple as 1-2-3. It helps putting up a website in seconds. You can have to choose from a collection of themes and templates. Your website is published with filler content, media and style. You can customize it to your liking.

It’s a not a WordPress only hosting option. You can install things from the scratch as well. The root folder is always accessible via FTP. You can create websites with HTML and CSS codes too. Most people mistake it as an exclusive package. It’s just that things are far simpler from the WordPress dashboard.

Why should you go for GoDaddy’s $1 hosting?

  • Quality support: GoDaddy provides you with stellar support. Live chat agents work round the clock to resolve issues.
  • Free domain: You get a free domain name with GoDaddy, with standard renewal charges.
  • Critical specs: 100 GB space and unlimited bandwidth can support even the most active websites. It’s enough space for site, emails and database.
  • High uptime: The super-fast response time and 99% uptime appeals to all webmasters. In comparison to other top hosts, GoDaddy does exceedingly well.
  • Multiple datacenters: You can chose datacenters from around the world. Choose one that’s close to your demographic to ensure speedy response.

Start your internet journey with $1 GoDaddy hosting!