Google AdSense vs. Amazon Affiliate in 2018

There are 2 major niche website revenue models that help make money online – Google AdSense and Amazon Affiliate Network. These are the two legit and lucrative third-party networks available for webmasters. Building your niche site around AdSense is pretty much easy. You will be required to display some ads, Google shares on your website.

Amazon affiliate revenue model isn’t all that complicated too. Typically, you have a website and product reviews. If a visitor browses through your website, they will come across your reviews. When they make a purchase on the reviewed product, you get some commission. Depending on the product category, the commission can be anywhere between 1-10$

Google AdSense: Pros & Cons

Google AdSense revenues are pretty much based on traffic. Regardless of conversion rates, you will enjoy the steady income. You don’t have to narrow down on a niche. It is a pay per click (PPC) revenue system. You will earn from every page and post.

There are some significant downsides as well. It doesn’t pay as much as affiliate marketing. AdSense doesn’t approve websites so easily. It doesn’t allow some of the niches. You have no control over how ads are displayed in an aesthetic context.

Amazon Affiliate: Pros & Cons

Amazon affiliate network approves just about anyone. They have tons of thousands of products to promote. Regardless of your niche, they will have a product for you. When the conversion rates are good, you can bank all the way. You can promote products on social media pages too.

There are inherited downsides to affiliate networks too. Affiliate programs don’t feature PPC ads. Your earnings directly depend on conversion rates. Only the product review pages can generate revenue. You have to narrow down on your niche to improve conversion rates.

What’s best for you?

Both Google and Amazon are legit companies. The rules are pretty strict with AdSense. Amazon offers that bit of flexibility. Approval is quick and easy with Amazon. Earning profits from day one is a real prospect. On top of that AdSense penalizes questionable marketing strategies with outright bans. For novices, Amazon affiliate marketing will be more comfortable to work with.

The space in which your website operates should have a say in AdSense vs. Affiliate debate. If you are into event blogging, magazines, and news portals, your allegiance is with AdSense. We are talking multi-niche websites with diversified traffic, where AdSense is the only profitable way to cash out.

A narrowed down, single niche website favors affiliate marketing more. Even though you get a low amount of targeted traffic, conversion rates will make up for that. If your traffic is from countries with better purchasing power, Amazon affiliate program works like a charm. It covers niches that aren’t permissible by Google AdSense.


Both of these revenue models do have solid alternatives. People, who can’t deploy AdSense, normally go for RevContent, Infolinks, Chitika, etc… When it comes to affiliate marketing, there is ClickBank, ShareASale, and more. The retail giant Wallmart introduced their affiliate program too. This isn’t the end of internet revenues. Nevertheless, these two revenue models are quite easy to set up and quicker to see results.